Tips About Replacing a Projector Bulb

To keep your projector in a perfect condition, proper maintenance should be done effectively on a regular basis. Projector bulb is the most important part in a projector and it should be given due importance for quality and effective operation. Projector lamp should be replaced at the right time for its better operation and here are some tips for changing a bulb in your projector.

If you are not using your projector regularly the chances of projector bulb not working is more and it will be very hard to change the bulb immediately at the time of using it. So it is advised to check the bulb in you projector regularly if also it is not used continuously. There are many factors responsible for reducing the life span of a projector lamp as the bulb in a projector is fragile in nature. Not allowing the bulb to cool before moving the projector lamp, storing a projector in a room with lot of temperature fluctuations or not maintaining and cleaning the filter will reduce the life of a projector lamp.

In some projectors and in the latest models indication is available if the life of the lamp is exceeded. When this message comes along, then it is the right time to replace the projector bulb. The maximum bulb life should not exceed more than twenty percent of the original life time. When you use the projector bulb more than its specified life time then there is a possibility of bulb bursting.

It is always safe to have one or two projector lamps for replacement, so the bulb can be replaced when required and the projector can be used continuously without any obstacle. Also there is a option available in the projector lamps to check how many hours the projector bulb has worked and based on this you can change your bulb accordingly. You can reset the hours when you replace a new bulb.

A normal projector bulb will work for about 2000 hours and there are lots of companies offering bulbs at different price range. The bulb is an expensive part in a projector which is can get damaged easily and so it has to be handled very carefully. While buying a bulb for your projector make sure that you buy a genuine lamp and also check the model that is required for your projector and buy the right one.

The cooling system in your projector lamps should be proper and effective to cool the bulb. If the cooling is not effective the life of the bulb will get reduced and even sometime the bulb may explode because of ineffective cooling. Also keep the manual provided with the projector lamp that will help you to replace your projector lamp easily and also the manual will contain some tips for maintaining your projector to extend the life span.

If you replace your projector bulb carefully it will definitely help you to increase the life span of bulb. These simple tips can really help you in this regard.

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